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SpeedRelaxation: The Seven-Minute Miracle

Alexander M Giorgio

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Practicing with this audio guide on a daily basis will kick start your experience of living life from the inside out. You’ll learn to shift from a state of stress and worry to one of appreciation and joy, all in seven minutes. Belive it.


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Alex Giorgio


SpeedRelaxation Cover

Run time – 7:17

Below is a chart showing the shift from stress to relaxation that happened when SpeedRelaxation was used at the end of a twenty minute interview. 

It shows an increase in hand temperature (an indication of relaxation - top arrow) and a dramatic decrease in stress levels (middle arrow.) The lower graph (in red) also indicates a significant relaxing and calming of muscle activity (bottom arrow,) all within seven minutes.

Speed Relaxation Chart

Download instructions:

  • Internet Explorer or Google Chrome users: Click on the audio button then right click the audio web page that opens. Select "Save-as" to choose where you want to save it.

  • Firefox or Safari users: Click on the audio button. Select Alt/Option on your keyboard - click the audio web page.



"Relaxation is an inside job."